Lisa Heller



July 10th, 2017, Lisa Heller, a 21-year-old alternative pop singer-songwriter, released her single, “Midnight,” which premiered on Huffington Post ( with an animated lyric video. “Midnight” refers to the hookup culture prominent on college campuses. Many of her original songs share a positive, relatable message of personal strength through adversity. Her previous single, “Things You Never Said,” is about her experience in overcoming anxiety, a common obstacle for many young adults. 


Heller’s career kickstarted when the music video for her debut single, “Hope,” ( reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube and Trended to #1 in 5 countries (top 10 in 7). “Hope” inspired children all over the world with rare and terminal illnesses, leading to the creation of the #hopewall. Seventeen Magazine’s new clothing line, The Edit, is featuring Lisa as an Influencer and Brand Ambassador on Instagram. In the upcoming months, Lisa plans to release five songs that she recorded July 2017 with renowned producer, Stephen Bartlett.


Key Values

  1. authenticity (modesty) 
  2. acceptance (inclusivity)
  3. positivity 
  4. creative passion 
  5. dependability 
  6. love (from/to others)
  7. stability/balance (emotionally, physically) 
  8. confidence in ability to succeed
  9. self-respect 
  10. dedication/drive