Lisa Heller



21-year-old alternative pop singer Lisa Heller started writing music when she was only fourteen. Songs helped her work through her tough adolescent years battling anxiety and low self-esteem. She vowed to find the positives in overcoming adversity by writing songs that would inspire peers going through similar experiences.

Fittingly, Heller’s debut single was called “Hope” and set the foundation for her career when the music video ( reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube and Trended to #1 in 5 countries (top 10 in 7). “Hope,” which premiered on Twist Magazine, inspired children all over the world with rare and terminal illnesses.

Heller's original songs share inspirational messages such as her commentary on college hookup culture in “Midnight” (premiere on Huffington Post: and her experiences in overcoming anxiety with old-school “Things You Never Said”.  The Edit, a clothing line by Seventeen Magazine, has featured Heller as an Influencer on social media.  Heller’s next single is being presented in the upcoming #ICANHELP campaign, after she was named Ambassador for their annual #Digital4Good event at Twitter HQ. Heller represented the cause at the Nickelodeon HALO Awards November 2017. The single, “Light the Fire,” is about spreading positive messages and “lighting your own fire” and will be released in January through Kobalt’s AWAL